All Bang, No Gain!

by Jon Gustin

Parties are fun. Get togethers are fun. Summer is fun. Gaining unwanted fat as a consequence—is not. I feel like I have to preface every blog right now with, “It’s 2020 and things may look a little different right now.” This goes for Summer parties and my 2nd favorite holiday, Fourth of July! However, you may be having fun with family or a few close friends despite what’s going on. I’m assuming there will be food, drinks, and desserts! I wrote a previous blog on how to survive the holidays but we’ll call this one, All Bang, No Gain! Here’s some tips on how to have fun this weekend and Summer without gaining weight!


High Protein and Fat

We have all probably heard of the keto diet. Although I’m not a huge fan of doing this diet as your normal eating habit, however I do pull it out at restaurants and parties. The reason being is that I can enjoy high fat foods for taste, satiation, all the while keeping my blood sugar stable and not having unnecessary spikes due to carbohydrate consumption. Carbohydrates are great for your everyday diet but not so great when over consuming at a party or restaurant. Most people indulge in high fat, high carbohydrate foods at parties which usually leads to a high amount of calories. Not to mention the bloat and water retention that comes along with overeating. So partake in the hamburgers without the bun, hot dogs without the bun, sausages, chicken, corn, salad and so on. This is especially important if you’re drinking alcohol. If you must indulge in carbohydrates, then make it your smallest portion. If you need a bun only use half. These little changes go a long way.



We have all probably heard of intermittent fasting. I know it works for a lot of people and you may or may not be one of them. Either way, you can do this the day of the party. Hold off on eating until around noon. Consume a ton of water in the morning, you can have black coffee or tea, and if you can’t make it that long, have a protein shake. We are trying to have a good time without going over on calories for the day or possibly even staying in a calorie deficit. When breaking your fast, still follow the recommendations stated above. 


Working Out

I love to workout the day of a party. It gets all my feel good hormones going and I feel confident knowing I accomplished something before a relaxing day. I would stick to a high caloric burn activity that includes aerobics and weights. Don’t overdo it unless you want to nap through the party or fall asleep during the fireworks. I always talk about walking being the most underrated activity of all time so you should do that regardless. If you can take a walk after lunch that would be very beneficial as well.



It’s fourth of July and if you want to enjoy a cocktail or two or three or— well you know. Then you should! Stay away from high sugar margaritas, mixed drinks, and dark liquor. Light beer, spiked seltzers, dry wines, liquor mixed with soda waters or on the rocks have the least amount of calories. If you have more than five, well, you have entered a realm that will most likely result in dehydration and ibuprofen. That I can’t help you with. 


All these tips are very manageable and leaves you feeling great during and after the party. The goal here is to enjoy our time with no guilt or regret. I can’t stress the importance of water anymore than I already do. I’m still shocked how so many people drink less than a third of what they’re suppose to everyday. If you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated. Which means it will take a lot longer to rehydrate. So make it a habit rather than waiting until you feel thirsty. Please be safe this weekend and enjoy the time with family and/or friends!